Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I haven't even begun to spread the word yet, so this is a presumptive welcome. But welcome anyway! I've put together this blog because I am hoping to start a network of community members in Central Massachusetts who might be able to join with me in the vision of a public school in Worcester built around the idea of helping each child reach his or her own innate potential through a wholistic, child-centered, community-based, cutting edge but historic, research-supported model of education: Montessori.

If this idea intrigues you in the least, I hope you will stick around and join in the conversation. If we can build momentum here and in our personal conversations, there is a very good chance we can actually create this school. In fact, the Department of Education has grants specifically to support the creation of charter schools in Worcester, and such a school could open as early as fall 2010. Now is definitely the time!


Enfield said...

I'm interested in helping. I attended Montessori school as a child. My mother was a teacher. I know nothing about starting a charter. I have the time if someone guides me. I'm not very computer savy. This is my first time posting to a blog.

Masasa said...

This is a wonderful start! It is so nice to have a blog follower (and a post!) already on the very first full day this blog is up and running. Thanks for posting, enfield. As soon as we get enough folks, we'll get together a meeting of some sort. I can't wait! This may very well be one of the most important and exciting endeavors with which I have volunteered!